Why did I apply for Camp America?

Rewind to almost 2 years ago, I was in my final year of school attempting to sort my life out. The majority of my friends had already received their first choices at top University across the country and I still hadn’t sent my application away. After my exams I was dead set on taking a gap year instead of committing to a four year degree that I hadn’t fully thought about. However I was encouraged to apply for a handful of course as a “safety net” and was discouraged from taking a year out. I stumbled across the Camp America website and straight away knew it was something I had to do. I remember checking the age restrictions to only have my heartbroken that I had to be 18 to apply, with my birthday in August I would have to wait almost an entire year to apply.

In summer 20115 I travelled to Vietnam on a school trip and as soon as I returned I knew I wanted to travel more. I had visited America almost every year since I was 10 on holidays with my family and travelled extensively to places such as New York, Boston, Florida, Washington D.C. and Vermont. However, I wanted to see more. I thought about  diving into the deep end and saving up and travelling myself across the states, for a 18 year old girl I decided this probably wasn’t the safest idea.

I done my research before applying and looked at different agencies I could apply to be a camp counsellor with such as BUNAC, CCUSA, Americamp, Wildpacks. I spent hours reading online reviews and watching youtube videos and decided to go with Camp America. I could not recommend them enough, they help me through the process from the day I submitted my application until I arrived back in the UK.

I am so glad I pushed myself to apply, at first I was hesitant because I wasn’t amazing at any particular sport, my skills on my application weren’t anything out of the ordinary and I didn’t have that much child care experience.

So my advice to anyone thinking about applying for a summer of a life time, just take the leap because it was the best thing I have ever done.

Amber xoxo





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